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Documenting Paranormal

Dedicated To Getting The Truth Out There

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Documenting Paranormal: A group of people dedicated to getting the truth out there.

Here at Documenting Paranormal, we strive to provide you with advice as well as a method to share your investigations and findings with us. This method includes a few questionares which you will fill out to outline your finished investigation at the time. This, as well as other information and evidence you provide can be saved in our archives and looked over by anyone. This community is one big group effort to document events that one day may help solve some of the mysteries of the universe.

Please remember that this community is not here to prove anything in particular. Do not come here with the expectation that we're all believers (or disbelievers for that matter). We're here to find the truth, whatever that may be. Please keep personal bias out of our files- this is a logical documentation community. Otherwise, why document it at all?

That's not to say that we don't allow or like those who believe for whatever reason. Everyone's welcome and even to say what they think... just differentiate between logical findings and personal beliefs.