Jessica (autumnscars) wrote in doc_paranormal,

Field Investigation Form

When you are doing a paranormal investigation, we ask that you use this form to document everything. Of course you may add to it if you feel it is necessary, but all of the following information is required. There is a brief explanation next to each required field. Please post all photos behind an LJ-CUT.

Where: Where the investigation took place.
Date: Date the investigation took place.
Time: Time the investigation took place.
Background History On Location: Any history on the location that may be important to this investigation.
Tools And Materials Used: Any equipment used on the investigation.
Key Events That Took Place: Any important events that took place during the investigation. For example: Heard a ghostly moan at 3:03am.
Any Additional Information: Anything else you wish to add about this investigation that you feel is important.
Feelings On Investigation: How you feel/felt towards this investigation.
Final Hypothesis; Haunted Or Not: Your final opinion about an investigation.
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