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Documenting Paranormal

Dedicated To Getting The Truth Out There

2/15/06 03:07 am - painterofroses

Gerdi "my puppy" had her first period ever on V-Day, weird but i also started my period today. Thats it me and gerdi, we are puppy soul mates. No questions asked thats us the two souls always connected in the cylce of life. Or i just really love my dog, wow i love my dog "weeps to self" yep. yep yep yeep goodnight. lol

Modest coincidence or fate?

1/4/06 01:47 am - painterofroses

Hi everyone it's so nice to see others who believe this too. I'm painterofroses and i need some help on a mysterious woman i met when i was 8 is anyone wanted to listen?

12/28/05 10:00 pm - fairiedreams - Just Joined

Hi, I just joined this community. I am in the process of forming a small group of people to go investigating activity and when I saw the forms and such on here, I thought this would be a good place to get help from those already investigating and to share whatever we do.

About me:
I'm 25 and live in PA. I've been fascinated by the paranormal all my life....not sure why though. lol And not that this matters, but I am married and have two children.

Hope to be posting soon on something we investigate.


4/1/05 11:34 pm - comikk13

Hey. I just joined, and I wanted to know if anyone has heard of the Sunland hospitals in Florida. There are/were 6 of them, and a few of them have a LOT of suspected paranormal activity. I can certainly understand why. It was a tuberculosis hospital, so a lot of people died there, and then it turned into a handicapped(mostly mentally, some physically) hospital. Thought I'd share it....

11/11/04 04:47 pm - autumnscars - Update

Hey! The community is finally getting started! The layout isn't finished yet, and neither are the forms or glossary. Please do not use the forms as they are now. They need to be worked on. You will know that forms are ready to be filled out once they are behind an LJ-CUT and once this message is gone. Hopefully work tonight will be slow so I can work on this community. I am hoping to create a cafe press store as well once we get more members!

11/11/04 02:02 am - autumnscars - Urban Legend Form

When you are doing a paranormal investigation, please use the following sheet to document it all. Next to what you have to fill out gives you a quick description of what you should be writing and where. Please e-mail all field reports and investigations to DocParanormal@aol.com

Name: Your Name

Urban Legend Being Investigated: Self Explainitory

History: History Of The Urban Legan Being Investigated

Materials: Materials Used In Your Investigation

Steps: Steps Used To Prove Or Disprove The Urban Legand

Any Other Information: Any Other Vital Information To This Investigation

Final Hypothesis: What your Final Conclusions Are Backed Up With Information You Have Found Or Gathered

11/11/04 01:13 am - autumnscars - Field Investigation Form

When you are doing a paranormal investigation, we ask that you use this form to document everything. Of course you may add to it if you feel it is necessary, but all of the following information is required. There is a brief explanation next to each required field. Please post all photos behind an LJ-CUT.

Click Here For Field Investigation FormCollapse )

11/11/04 01:12 am - autumnscars - Member Directory

Name or Alias:


E-Mail Address:


Anything Else You Would Like Mentioned:

11/11/04 12:45 am - autumnscars - Glossary (Done by consortofvenus)

Please note that we are NOT saying that these things are correct. We are simply trying to give everyone a better understanding of the general paranormal investigatory culture.

Click Here To View The GlossaryCollapse )
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